Physical therapy

Heather is a diamond executive distributor for Richway International.  The Far Infrared Biomat is one of the most important and effective modalities she has ever used.  She incorporates it in her treatment, uses it daily herself, and many of her clients have purchased their own mats from her to continue seeking full body wellness at home.  

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Far-infrared biomat

medical massage

You need a session with Heather if....

        *you have pain*                      *you have trouble moving*                *you are interested in sports performance*

*you have an impaired immune system*         *you have digestive issues*               *you are seeking preventative care*

*you are seeking retirement planning for your body!*                                            *you are interested in holistic care*

                                                                  *you are interested in well-body fine tuning*    

or anything else you need help with​!

Heather keeps busy Hoosiers from slowing down with age despite pain, injuries, and fatigue without relying on drugs, surgery, or doctor visits!  Here's how:

One of Heather's secret weapons in health and healing is systemic enzymes.  Heather is an independent distributor of World Nutrition Vitalzym enzymes. Most adults have depleted their natural supply of enzymes and therefore struggle with tissue recovery, adhesions, immune function, and energy sustenance.  By adding systemic enzymes you can vastly improve all these aspects of your life and add additional healing from the systemic level.

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Heather has been practicing as a physical therapist since 1994. She has a unique approach that her patients really appreciate. Read More about Heather's PT company Integrated Therapy Services LLC in Carmel, IN. Read more here....

systemic enzymes

Heather is a Certified Massage Therapist in the state of Indiana and is also a Certified Cupping Therapistthrough the International Cupping Therapy Association . She opened her company Massage Synergy LLC in Carmel, IN in 2015. She offers Medical or Clinical Massage, vacuum and polarity cupping, detox massage, Read more here....