Well-fit Inside & Out is a personally customized program that combines science based objective testing with recommendations for environmental, diet, and lifestyle improvements in order for you to realize your full genetic potential for vitality and longevity. 

  • Are you suffering from unwanted pain?
  • Have you been told that you have arthritis?
  • Do you suffer from digestive upset, headaches, difficulty sleeping, fatigue?
  • Do you parents or other family members suffer from diseases that you do not want to have?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a disease that just seemed to crop up out of nowhere?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, then this program is for you!

Our WELL-FIT Inside & Out program involves:

  • 16 week personalized program
  • InBody Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis at regular intervals to track your progress 
  • Thorough and complete family and medical history to identify priority areas to focus on
  • Options for Objective lab testing to identify specific biological processes that are struggling or failing and need help (*extra cost*)
  • Options for detailed and thorough genetic testing to identify future potential issues that need to be prevented or that explains current biological impairments. (*extra costs*)
  • includes 5 one-on-one appointments for customizing your program (in office or on zoom call)
  • includes regular on-line interaction with self-paced education throughout the program

My participants in this program are ecstatic about their results. They finally are pain-free, have their weight under control, aren't fighting with food cravings, and feel the best they have felt in decades!  Their bodies have been naturally transformed!  Email me to get more detail or to start your own program 

Well-Fit Inside and Out!

Do You know what is going on inside your body? 

Are your body's processes functioning at full capacity?

  • Would you like to prevent any unforeseen illnesses from striking you down just as you are beginning to enjoy your long-awaited retirement?
  • Are you an athlete looking to gain every competitive edge possible or maybe wondering why you aren't getting the results from your training program that you expect?
  • Are you struggling to lose weight and have tried everything?

With this program we can identify the causes of a possible chronic illness before it becomes a disease and, in some cases, up to 10 years before symptoms even appear. 

This is a wellness program that combines the most advanced scientific biomedical breakthroughs in order to focus on the underlying (or upstream) cause of a person's health problems or genetic concerns.