InBody BIA 

This test takes only 15 seconds!

The InBody scale is one of the most advanced tissue measurement systems in the world.  This bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) uses 8 points of contact and multiple frequencies to accurately analyze the muscle, fat, and water in your body. This allows the inbody scale to separate the body into 5 separate segments and measure them individually! This scale is the only testing equipment to not use empirical estimates for its calculations making it a very precise measurement device. The InBody scale will give you individual values for all 4 limbs plus the trunk (abdomen).  The accuracy of the Inbody scale far outweighs the home units you may have in your bathroom.  Your more economical home units will only use a single frequency impulse and they rely more on empirical estimates and not true measurements.  I usually get a difference of more than 10%-20% higher in body fat measurements when I use these cheaper models compared to the InBody.  

Anyone who is interested can request a time to take the Inbody test.  

I rely on it heavily for my Functional Wellness Program in order to:

  • establish hydration levels
  • gain baseline and progress levels of body fat and muscle
  • establish basal metabolic rate to be used in a nutritional plan (based purely on your specific muscle content, not empirical data)
  • ‚Äčdetermine if the individual has enough muscle mass to support their body as they age