Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a term Heather uses to describe a hybrid of techniques that blur the line between physical therapy and clinical massage.  This is a working session much like a PT session in which the client may receive the entire session while clothed depending on what needs to be done.  Tissue work may certainly be utilized, but it is usually the final step in the process. Some of the things that will be considered or incorporated into a NMT session are:

  • postural alignment
  • muscle asymmetry and imbalanced recruitment
  • neuromuscular resetting
  • cupping (silicon, biomagnetic, abdominal, detox)
  • ​microcurrent scar release or pain relief
  • Primitive reflex release
  • percussion
  • deep tissue release
  • massage to affected area

​Heather has extensively studied a variety of neurological resetting techniques that have proven to be valuable in eliminating pain, muscular dysfunction, and chronic stress patterns.  

These techniques assist the Central and Peripheral Nervous System in resetting and relaxing.  It is typically performed while clothed but does require thin, light clothes in order to be effective.  These techniques can be performed in a variety of positions and for a variety of reasons.  By resetting the nervous system we are better able to address the soft tissue without rebound of tension and guarding.

NMT techniques are painless and in most situations require the client to coordinate active movements according to the therapist instructions, so it is an active session.  

Often results are instant and obvious and somewhat unbelievable demonstrating the amazing self-healing power of the human body!

Heather is a licensed Massage Therapist and performs this treatment option under her massage company, Massage Synergy LLC.  Visit the Client Center for information about your first session!  You can also see client testimonials on this page